Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Ridiculous Rules

I could have sold this bag this week.......    

......... but I didn't. And the reason for not selling it? A piece of bizarre childhood conditioning that reared it's less than attractive head.

The prospective buyer was looking for a gift for her sister and had spotted the bag at a recent event. 
"It would be great for her," she said, " she wears a lot of red ..... and black!"

Well, there it was, there was absolutely no way I could sell it to her. No way at all, because everyone knows you must never ever wear black and navy together. I had been taught this at an early age by both my mother and grandmother. A statement made with such an air of authority that the very notion of challenging it hovered for the briefest of moments before being moved on.
I never inquired as to the origins of this proclamation, nor did I ask what terrible fate would befall those refusing to adhere to it. I simply accepted it as one of the worst fashion faux pas to ever be committed, one which I would be sure to avoid at all costs.

Of course I didn't mention any of this to my customer, my years of working in retail providing me with a certain degree of diplomacy. Instead I suggested that since we were moving into Autumn a slightly heavier fabric might be more desirable, that a rather nice wool blend and elephant cord I had available would work well together.

So this........... 

A donated skirt

a ditsy print for the lining

........... became this,

....... and everyone was happy

But if anyone can tell me why black and navy should never ever be worn together I would be much obliged, the notion to challenge has finally landed!

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