About Me

Hi, I'm Linnhe Mara, thanks for visiting my blog. 

I love making things, always have and hopefully always will. As a wee girl I whiled away the hours rummaging through the rag bag and button box or playing with paper, pencils and paints. Whatever I created I gave to my mum, sisters or friends, anyone who would take them really. Fortunately as I got older my skills improved and those receiving these 'gifts' no longer had to do so with a forced smile.

I'm all grown up now and when I stopped work to have my children I made sure I gave myself some time each day to sew or paint, a little island of creative calm in the sea of chaos that is family life! I don't always get the housework done but its always going to be there tomorrow, so I make 'wee mindings' while the muse is upon me.

Every item I make is unique, no two will ever be exactly the same. Maybe there is someone you know who would appreciate a ‘wee minding’ or perhaps it’s time to treat yourself. Why don't you have a look at my website, I'd love it if you dropped by.


or contact me here

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