Friday, 4 January 2013

A Cupboard Full of Yesterdays

'A cupboard full of yesterdays' was a phrase I heard used by Neil Oliver last year in a documentary about Scottish explorer Thomas Blake Glover. It was such an evocative expression it stuck in my head for days. When the writing group I was a part of met in February I put it forward as a prompt. Some wrote short stories, some poetry and there was even a one act play. It was quite intriguing to discover how differently everyone had interpreted the words.  

Because I alway find it quite difficult to post at this time of year ( I've said before I don't really 'do' resolutions so I can't write about that and as I wasn't particularly productive last year I can't put together any sort of crafty retrospective ) I thought I'd cheat slightly and use my offering to the group since it could be seen, if you screw up your eyes - tightly , as some sort of new seasons aim.   

Clearing my cupboard 

It's time.

Time to discard
the ratty, matted oversize jumpers of failed relationships
and missed opportunities,
to dispose
of the long heavy coat of regret.

Time to cast off
shapeless smocks of intended snubs 
and imagined slights,
to shed
the old shabby robe of self doubt.

It is time.

Time to get rid
of skin tight suits of expectation,
black bin bag
the track pants of low self esteem.

Time to let go
of the dull, drab tones of disappointment
and Parental dismay.


Time to make room

for Jessica Rabbits red sequined dress

Happy New Year to you :o) I hope its a good one.
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