Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The 14th of February

It's been a while since I thought of the 14th of February as Valentine's Day. A number of years ago it stopped being that for us and became the boys birthday (quite fortunate for their Dad really, it means he has a fighting chance of remembering the date)

After the boys were born our wonderful midwife, Jodie, suggested to my husband that surely I deserved some flowers on such a special day. I seem to recall pointing out that if that's what I had to do in order to get a bunch of flowers I could probably live without them!

He took me at my word.

The 14th is celebrated as our boys birthday, not a day of romantic declarations. This year it was paint balling for 20 as opposed to a quiet dinner for two, birthday cards in place of valentines, sponge cake instead of chocolates, coca-cola rather than champagne, and not a flower in sight.( I compensated slightly by making a flower pendant to wear on the day, and of course it had to be red.)   

A folded red silk flower pendant

So my expectations weren't high when he asked if I wanted an apple for Valentines day. Knowing his sense of humour I was picturing a Granny Smith or Cox's Orange Pippin tied in a cheeky red bow. You can't imagine my surprise when this arrived.........

My joint Valentine and Early Birthday present! Wheeee!
It would seem he's taken pity on me and can no longer bare to see my vain attempts to combat the temperature in the office. Either that or the freezing hands I keep shoving down his neck to illustrate how cold I am have finally taken their toll.  Now I can sit in front of my roaring fire surfing till my little fingers are numb from over use rather than lack of heat.

I think I prefer apples to flowers :o) 

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

My Muse, maladies and Maria

It's a fact well known by everyone in this house that most of the serious housework gets done when I'm feeling a bit under the weather. Yes, I know that sounds like a bit of a paradox but there you are.
When I'm feeling on top form I do the bare minimum, hoover, dust, mop, then bunk off to my workroom to do something far more interesting. Why clean when you can create?
But when suffering from a malady my muse deserts me, taking inspiration, imagination and ability with her (it's probably more a case of keeping her head down, let's just say I'm not a patient patient!)

January saw a host of minor ailments descend, not enough to keep me bed ridden, or even languishing artfully on a chaise longue( if I had one) but certainly sufficient for my muse, obviously getting a good rate on an out of season break, to abandon me for the month. Unable to 'make' I had to 'do'
Silver was polished, ovens were scoured, skirtings and doors were wiped down to within an inch of their life( don't you just hate inset panels and moulding?)All of this was accompanied by muttering, mumbling and a general air of disgruntlement.

It was when I started in on the ornaments and nik-naks that I had a bit of a 'Maria' moment. Picking each one up to decide whether it was wash, polish or dust I found myself smiling. Every object was precious to me , and brought back memories that made me feel so ridiculously warm and fuzzy inside I couldn't possibly stay grumpy anymore.

So, since I have no makes to show I thought I'd share a few( it was hard limiting them) of 'my favourite things' with you

This delicious apple was a Christmas gift from my husband the first year the boys were with us. I had spotted it in Broughton Gallery, sadly no longer around, on a rare day trip and he went back at a later date and bought it for me. Made by Jane Butler Cole (who I can't find any information on) it's matte smoothness is incredibly tactile.

Any one with children has probably had a copy of 'Guess How Much I Love You' at some point. I still have our board book, kept for posterity. I just loved that story, the boys and I often trying to think of new expressions for how big our love was. This sculpture was a gift from my mother-in-law for a 'significant' birthday. Again I spotted it in a gallery, this time Kirkcudbright, and fell in love on the spot.It reminded me so much of the book. She asked her son why I was so taken with the hare and when he explained she went out the next day and got it for me.
Moon gazing hare by Paul Jenkins

House and tree by Sarah Jane Brown
This tiny little sculpture was a Christmas present some years back. The artist Sarah Jane Brown has moved her range on since then but the simplicity of this piece still appeals. I'd love to know who lives in the house!

I have no idea what this is other than its antique, it's pewter and it doesn't need polishing. I much prefer pewter to silver, and not just because its easier to clean. It has a softer glow to it, almost as if it doesn't need to attract your attention, it's quite happy to be quietly beautiful.


These are new additions and I just adore them. The paper flower? is by a wonderfully bizarre crafter Christine Stait-Gardner and was given to me by my sister-in-law. Isn't it great when your family, even the paper ones, know your tastes so well? And what can I say about the bird? The picture really doesn't do it justice. I have tried to find out who made it but unfortunately my mother-in-law is such a magpie when it comes to buying gifts that she has absolutely no idea where she got it from. If you have any ideas or can help I would appreciate it.

The Murano glass perfume bottle was a holiday gift from my dearest friend. She told me that she had spent so long choosing just the right stopper (seemingly there was a tray full of them that you could match up with any of the bottles ) that her husband had got tired of waiting and gone off to do his own thing. That devotion to detail from a friend, on holiday, is worthy of it's own credit card ad.
My bronze dog was a thank you gift from my eldest sister when my niece had been to stay. She bought it because it reminded her of Deefer, who was just a puppy at the time. I'm so very glad I have it now. 

But my favourite things of all, and guaranteed to raise a smile,  

Looking at them I definitely don't feel sad! (but I still need to dust!)
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