Friday, 20 August 2010

Friends on Facebook

Okay so I admit it, I find it quite hard to deal with technology. I hate it when I inherit my husbands old phone, it takes me months to send a text. Our washing machine was made to limp along for 13 years because I loathed the idea of learning how to work a new one, and don't get me started on DVD players! 

So when a friend asked me why she couldn't find my Facebook page and why didn't I set one up my cackling response was worthy of a Stygian witch, for surely I would stumble as blindly should I attempt such a feat. Nonsense, I was told, it's as easy as falling off the proverbial, and that I could do with ease if past experience was anything to go by ( okay so my balance ain't so hot either ).

I am now therefor the proud owner of a Facebook page, and as with most of these things can't think why I didn't do it sooner.

The Graduates 1991

I organised a reunion for this little lot 9 years ago. Many of us had lost touch, you know how it is, life takes hold of you and spins you in all sorts of directions. Work and family take precedence, you become the adult you were destined to be and sometimes don't wish to be reminded of the child you were. It took months of phone calls and letters to track everyone down, but in the end the event took place , we all reminisced, then got back into our own little whirlwinds and lost touch yet again.

Since joining Facebook I have reconnected with some of those friends. Some are in different countries and time zones which makes conventional communication difficult, other I have found are just a few miles away. Whether this time it will stick I can't say. Does the ease with which you can stay in touch determine whether you will or not? I like to think that it will. If nothing else it will make the next reunion a lot easier to organise.

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Eryl said...

How adorable were you!

I find Facebook can make me feel even more guilty than usual: it's all to easy to spend too much time chit chatting on it, which makes me feel guilty about not working; so I stay away from it only to find I have a days old message (or two) when I next sneak a look. That said, it is a great way to keep in touch with distant friends and family.

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