Wednesday, 18 August 2010

No Sew Day

Some times, after a run of craft fairs, I just can't face any more sewing (is it possible to have a stitch overdose ?) I go to my workroom and stand at the door, deliberating on the day's course of action. Should I cut things out to be made up at a later date, and if so will it be hand bags or nick-nacks? Would re-folding my fabric stash be a better idea?( I'm not the worlds tidiest of workers and quite often pieces don't get put away after I've used them) I could of course spend my time tidying drawers and shuffling shelves ....again.

Today I was rescued from my pondering by this little pile of wood that was left on my desk along with a very helpful Japanese saw.

My husband is the proud owner of A.C.Guitars. He builds custom basses from some of the most beautiful woods I have ever seen and I can't bear to see any of it go to waste. After catching me rifling through his rubbish bins without protective gloves, and after making some comment about my lack of natal faculties, he now provides me with prime offcuts.  The colours are amazing  and the grain in some pieces produces a 'flame' effect as it catches the light that I didn't even know was possible in wood.

I squirrel away these small pieces and keep them safe until I find suitable stones and pebbles to adorn them, the blending of beauty that is very often hidden from us with beauty that is left in plain sight.

So I spent the day creating brooches and embellishments. Who needs a sewing machine when Mother Nature is around ?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pieces! Jewellery?

Linnhe Mara said...

These particular pieces are brooches

Anonymous said...

great stuff....make more !
know what you mean about not knowing what to make a start on first , things are ( s l o w )here.

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