Monday, 5 December 2011

"Aw naw, it's no snow is it?"........

These incredulous words burst forth from my number one sons mouth late yesterday afternoon, a testament to both his Scottish heritage and his advancing years. Gone was the childish delight in the dance of the frozen flakes, at times a sedate progress to the ground, at others a merry jig when the wind joined in. 
That youthful joy had been replaced by a rather adult concern " How am I going to get to school tomorrow? " 

His fears seemed unfounded as the brief flurry made hardly any impact and the light dusting had disappeared before we went to bed.

The rather strange glow in the house when I awoke at 4 this morning alerted me to the possibility that the earlier flurry had just been a teaser. I was right. This was the sight that greeted us this morning.

Number one son was not a happy boy! I could hear him grumbling all the way down the hill. 

Well, he can grumble all he likes. For my part I'm going to enjoy the rather tranquil view while it lasts ( it's melting as I type ) in the hope it will put me in a more festive mood.


Eryl said...

I love the glowy light that heralds snow, actually I love snow, it's made me want to put up a Christmas tree. Are you feeling more festive now?

A Time for Stitching said...

I've been finding it difficult to feel festive myself but it's beginning to happen after visiting a Winter Festival last weekend.
Love the snowy pics, I had heard you'd had a sprinkling up there (and much more in some places!)
Teresa x

gtlady said...

Normally I'm totally with you and not with your son, but now I'm going to have to drive in it, in the rural Vale too, I am now dreading the arrival of snow! Every other year we have all been praying for it, a chance to keep the boys off and go play as we can walk everywhere where we live. Strange how your priorities change with responsibility!
p.s The boys have just seen your pics over my shoulder and are INCREDIBLY jealous!

gtlady said...

Just checking in, how are things up there?

Starfish Studio said...

I keep seeing pictures on the news of the snow-induced traffic chaos throughout much of Scotland, but we've not seen a flake up here yet!

My daughters are still of the over-excited variety when they see the snow. Their school bus is invariably cancelled when the weather's bad so they know there's almost certainly a snow day ahead when we see the white stuff falling!

Kate x

Linnhe Mara said...

Eryl, yes, I'm getting there

Teresa, I'm glad it's not just me then. Sometimes I think we just need a jump start.

Jane, I hope your trips to work are uneventful and the weather behaves itself. Just to let you know after all his adult complaining in the morning I am glad to report that the little boy emerged on his walk home from school. He came home half an hour late and was soaked through after an 'epic' snowball fight ( his words) Is it weird to say I was relieved?

Kate, how can that be? Your area normally gets it far worse than we do.

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