Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Resolution ( I'll have the verb rather than the noun )

Well a Happy New Year to you.

The tree is down, the festive food is finally finished, the presents have all been stowed away and the kids are back at school. Life can now begin to return to normal. 
Of course when I say normal I don't mean how it was before Christmas. Oh no, for some reason I now feel the need to set myself completely unrealistic daily targets just because the date has changed. This will of course lead to feelings of failure as I miss each of these targets (even though I am the only one that was responsible for setting them! )

While I fully accept that if one of my old school teachers had been asked to comment on my efforts last year it no doubt would have earned me a 'could do better', I've never understood why the middle of winter is the best time to begin turning your life around. The days are too short and the light is poor so getting more work done isn't really an option. It's too cold to be going out jogging, but the perfect temperature to be eating comfort food, not the best combination if exercising and losing weight is the intention. (It is however the perfect time of year if sitting in front of a roaring fire with a good book is on your list)

Doesn't it make more sense to wait until spring, when everything else around you is starting afresh?  That way at least you can feel the momentum and go with it, spring in to action with a spring in your step ( do you get my drift?)

So this year I have no New Year's Resolutions, I'm saving them up and going for New Season's Aims. 


Sooz said...

That's what I call resolve! These dull days inspired me to go and buy some gorgeous fabric to make gorgeous clotheses for all the parties I'll be attending over Burns night, Valentines etc. At last, the Dragon Chongsam! Then in a spurt of enthusiasm I thought... "Must do something about turning my part time job into a full time job... 1st day back to work today and they wan me to go full time asap... It was only a thought, when will I have time to sew! Be careful what you wish for! ;) Happy New Year x

Anonymous said...

You write so well! And you're right of course...

Linnhe Mara said...

Sooz, that's why I don't make resolutions, something always messes them up....usually me : ) Great news about the job ( never underestimate the power of thought! )

veryberry, thanks for that , your opinion is always appreciated. Your boys looked fabulous in their scarves by the way.

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