Monday, 10 January 2011

My love affair with fleece and flannel

I hate being cold. 

No, I mean I REALLY hate being cold. You wouldn't like me when I'm cold, I get all surly, grumpy and irritable. Not so much the Incredible Hulk more the Incorrigible Sulk. Perhaps even the Increasing Bulk, due of course to the sheer weight of wool I wear to keep warm and not the amount of toasted crumpets I turn to for solace ( think Michelin man, but without the winning smile and cheerful demeanour)

We live in a relatively modern house but when it was built the plot could only be supplied with electricity. This means our heating is dependant on storage heaters. Yes, I know, the only heating system that relies on you being able to predict the weather/temperature 24 hours in advance. What genius thought that was going to work in Scotland?

This short-sightedness has been mitigated somewhat by us installing a rather large stove, fondly referred to as Bubbs the Fire God, in our main living area. This winter that's been just fine as long as I stay in those 3 rooms. It's when I have to venture into the office or the bedroom that my problems begin. Forget eyes turning green and the shredding of clothes, my fingers and lips turn blue and I look for more layers.

Fortunately for me there is no need to search aimlessly, year upon year ( cue music ), for some elusive serum to cure my affliction. Behold ...... Fleece and Flannel on Folksy

These wonderful fleece gauntlets are by Rowan Tree Designs Just the thing to keep wrists roasty toasty whilst blogging.

And you wouldn't believe the difference having something snugly around your neck can make, like this reversible little number by Cheekydiki ( you can even pull it up over your nose... bonus! )

If you want something a little bit more elegant have a look at these beautiful scarves by Special by SimJaTa A selection of glorious prints on one side and anti-pill fleece on the other. Cosiness with class.

For feet, in my opinion the most important appendage when fighting the 'cold' war, these truly fabulous fleecy lounge socks by Pricked Finger. Who could resist them?

So I've survived the office. Now it's bedtime and the layers have to come off (oh the horror!) My preparations for sleep have been likened to a Russian doll, as each layer comes off I get smaller and smaller, until with all the speed of a bed ninja I disappear under the covers. 
But don't think for one moment I have spurned my new found loves. Oh no, for what winter bed could call itself a refuge from the frigid night air without a touch of 100% brushed cotton flannel. Flannel sheets, flannel duvet cover and flannel PJ's. Bring it on!( just don't forget about the adhesive properties of flannel as you turn over or you may be labelled a cover nicker)

These pyjama pants are available from Nutmeg in various colours. No night time should be without them.  

Of course I have taken steps of my own to ensure the Incorrigible Sulk stays at bay. I made some wheat bags, a safer alternative to the good old hot water bottle (although I am reliably informed by a friend who also happens to be one of our part time fire fighters that a number of these have led to microwave fires as people often forget to re-hydrate them after a few uses) 
I made 2 sizes, one for draping over shoulders or around ankles and one for tucking in pockets, down boots or holding in hands. (note to self, remove lip salve before tucking in pocket! )

Then I made some covers for them so that they wouldn't get grubby. Recycled flannel sheeting and pyjamas should do the trick. 

Or a little bit of funky fleece for when I'm exercising the mouse at the computer.

Yes, I will control this demon inside me, no longer will my family live in fear should the mercury drop below 0˚C. Flannel, soft, supple flannel will warm me and static electricity, as I peel off layers of fleece, will light my way.

David (Bruce) Banner, Bill Bixby, Lou Ferrigno, Eric Banna, Edward Norton, we applaud your search, but you should've looked on Folksy!


Anonymous said...

I'm loving those pj's , have looked for flanelette duvet covers to no avail :(

Eryl said...

The pyjamas are so nice I'd be tempted to wear them out! And those have to be the most elegant wheat bag covers I've ever seen.

Linnhe Mara said...

The PJ's are fab aren't they. I love the prints that Nutmeg uses.

Alexis, the flannel quilt cover was a surprise find in the Co-Op one year, haven't seen any since. Dunelm however do a range of flannel sheets that I'm considering sewing together.

Anonymous said...

You have reminded me of my intention to make my lads flannel duvet covers... And given me a good giggle too. Love those PJ pants - how gorgeous.

I really believe that storage heaters are just some kind of confidence trick...

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