Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Something wicked this way comes.....

Sometimes I feel the need to be naughty.

I want to put aside motherly things and remember that once I used to wear short skirts and tight tops ( not just jeans and a jumper) That my high heeled sashay was a lethal weapon ( and not because I risked a dislocated hip ) and my midriff was as taught, toned and tanned as the rest of them ( not stretched, saggy and sallow due to non exposure to sunlight!) I want to remember I'm a woman.

Fortunately I've found just the thing for a bit of feminine reinforcement and grown up fun......

Impossibly pretty pasties by Sex on a Stitch

or tassels if you prefer

These wonderful crochet creations by a very talented Canadian can be found at www.sexonastitch.com or at Sex-on-a-Stitch on facebook

with beautiful butterflies

or sparkly stars

Aren't they just fabulous ? Not only do they tempt the wanton in me they appeal to the crafter too. Who would have thought amigurumi could be so sexy? I think the pasties are my favourite,I doubt I could get the tassels to twirl! 


Eryl said...

I reckon you could twirl those tassels with a little practice, go on give it a go!

Linnhe Mara said...

I will if you will : D

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