Saturday, 19 June 2010

To work or not to work.......

Yesterday was one of those days that just didn't unfold the way I had planned in my head. After morning chores I was paid a visit by my good buddy 'Ormolu' (or Motoring Mama as she may now be called) She arrived in her shiny new vehicle, testing out her rediscovered driving skills on our challenging driveway, and a very good job she made of it too.
Anyway, after a bit of a blether, and once she had collected some display material that needed revamped before our craft fair at the Hawick Highland Games on Sunday, she went on her merry way and I settled down to work.
By this time it was well in to the afternoon and it was such a glorious day that I just didn't have it in me to shut myself away in my work room behind my sewing machine. That's when all that Blue Peter training comes into play and I turned to something I had prepared earlier. I had put together these i-pouches a number of days ago and they were just waiting to be sewn up.

So I sat outside and sewed while listening to the curious little wildlife noises around me. A 'plop' as a frog in the pond jumped for a fly and landed back in the water, the odd whirring/clacking sound the damsel flies make as they chase each other around. The under growth rustles as birds of one sort or another scrape up tasty morsels while a rather more industrious thrush can be heard tap tapping away to crack open a snail shell and take its contents back to the nest.
I had to stop a few hours later as my other life as mum re-asserted itself. While I hadn't produced as much work as I had planned for the day I had at least achieved something, and in doing so I had taken time to appreciate the day, an opportunity I will always be grateful for.

Some completed i-pouches

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