Monday, 14 June 2010

Birthday Bag

My neighbour had a 'significant' birthday recently. She's a bit more than a neighbour, we rely on each other for childcare when the need arises as well as tea and sympathy when necessary.
I really worried about what to get her. She is intelligent, creative, attractive and extremely stylish (and if it weren't for the fact that she is also a really nice person the insecure woman that lives within me would love to hate her) I hummed and hawed over various ornaments and soft furnishings, but discarded that idea, after all its not the kind of gift you give to someone who specialises in staging for show homes ( duh! )It was turning out to be a trickier task than I thought.
And after all that woe and angst and woey-angst the problem was solved. By my Husband. As usual.

" Why don't you just give her that bag you made that she's always liked?" he says.
So I did, and she was delighted, and now he is insufferable!

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