Thursday, 28 June 2012

An awkward silence

Actually that should be "awkward silences" since they seem to me to occur with frightening regularity. Quite surprising really for someone who is known amongst close friends for my ability to talk for Britain.  

There I'll be at some do or another exchanging polite chit chat, keeping things going, passing the discussion back and forth like a ball in some PE warm up exercise. My attention will begin to wander, diverted perhaps by something on the periphery, and before you know it the conversational ball has been dropped. Silence ensues. 

I now have two options. I can scurry after the ball, not quite sure which direction it was headed in,  and try to get it back in play. Or I can bow out of the game and move on ( it's not been the first time a glass of wine has been perfunctorily quaffed to allow an excuse for escape). The option taken depends on the company I'm in, how brave I'm feeling, and quite possibly the number of wine glasses I've emptied already. 

But what happens when the uncomfortable interlude is not just a lull in conversation due to a lack of concentration. What happens when its due to an unreturned phone call or a letter that deserves a reply? I'm ashamed to say I have created more than my fair share of those particular silences. A silence that grows more awkward as time ticks by, a silence that becomes increasingly difficult to break with each day that passes. I consider myself very lucky to have friends and family that are very accepting of this failing of mine and are willing to forgive my lapses in communication.

I do eventually pick up the phone or put pen to paper. So getting back to blogging shouldn't be so different....should it? 


A Time for Stitching said...

Well this is certainly a good start - and very astute!
I know they are from experience, but WHY should silences be awkward?
Good to see you back.
Teresa x

Ali said...

Great to hear from you....
although you may feel your silences are awkward perhaps others don't see them in the same way...
Blogging is an interesting means of communication - sometimes we put pressure on ourselves to keep them updated and it changes our view of what they are about or for.
Another thought (as a follower) is how to contact a blogger to see if they are ok or to say a friendly 'hello', when there is a silence, without making the writer feel 'stalked' or beholden to produce a perfecty penned post!
I love reading your thoughts whether they are often or infrequent...and do think of you inbetween!
Ali x

Anonymous said...

More please...!!!

No pressure.

I love how kids don't have awkward silences , perhaps they're all actually telepathic and the rest of us don't know it :)

Eryl said...

Bloggers seem to be a very forgiving bunch on the whole and they don't seem to take lapses, even very long ones, personally.

It's always nice to hear your voice, Linnhe, no matter how long it's been. X

Jenny Blair said...

well if you break the silence with the same sweet charming words, you will ALWAYS be forgiven :)
know what you mean about the bloggy thing, Ali says it perfectly.
Thanks for your comment the other day..been trying to break my bloggy lethargy!....I hope you do have a bash at a little book of treasures :)x

Linnhe Mara said...

Thanks Teresa, its good to be back.
If there is a lull because something inappropriate has been said I can understand feeling uncomfortable but I'm not quite sure why others are awkward. Perhaps we are just afraid of silence?

Hi Ali, thanks for your kind words. You're right of course, the pressure is all self inflicted. I'm always more than happy for anyone to contact me if they want to say hi, it might even take the pressure off having to write a post :o)

Think you could have a point there Alexis, now all they have to work on is telekinesis and they could get their own sandwiches!

Thanks Eryl, Blogland does indeed seem far more forgiving.

Aww shucks Jenny, you're gonna make me blush!

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