Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Avian antics

The expected return to the workroom the other week didn't materialise. Boooo! Why is it that the only time you have a burning desire to do something is the very time when you are unable to do it? The contrariness of human nature I suppose ...... or it could just be me.

The upshot of my further delayed return is that I have no new projects or finished products to show you. What I do have is a short video. You may remember me telling you about Wee Mental a few months ago. A scruffy little bird that had taken to battering at the kitchen window. Well he has been a constant visitor throughout the winter and I managed to capture his antics on film the other day.

He does this at least 6 times a day for about a minute and a half on average. He doesn't limit it to the kitchen window either. There is food aplenty outside, there are no spiders on the glass so I'm not entirely sure what he is hoping to achieve. It's quite possible, after so many blows to the beak, that he can't remember what he's trying to achieve either. But it's entertaining nonetheless and I've come to expect his visits, often stopping whatever housework I'm engaged in to watch him (as if I need an excuse!).

I started uploading this post a few days ago and I'm sad to report that I haven't been visited for the last three days. My hope is that Wee Mental is otherwise occupied. It is Spring after all and he may be too busy impressing the ladies to pop round and entertain me. Thats what I'm telling myself anyway :O(


Flaming Nora said...

I love wee mental!
Fingers crossed he comes back, your life would be very sad with out him!

Jenny Blair said...

aww bless wee mental, I reckon he was just practising shaking those tail feathers..he is defo out there impressing the ladies..probably pulled more than his feather's worth :)

Ali said...

Here's hoping Wee Mental's building a cosy nest for his Mrs...x

Linnhe Mara said...

Thanks for dropping by everyone. Wee Mental still hasn't returned to the window, but I'm pretty sure I saw him at the feeder just the other day. Hopefully stocking up on seed to take home to the Mrs.

A Time for Stitching said...

Oh he's so sweet and very funny. I hope he's found another distraction to occupy him.
Teresa x

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