Thursday, 20 October 2011


Halfway through the second week of the October break and I can't shake the feeling that something is missing. Although the last few days have seen feverish workroom activity , mainly in the construction of Christmas decorations, it hasn't been as fraught as it normally is. Perhaps I have finally learned to relax slightly and 'go with flow'. Ha! As if. 

No, the reason behind my relative composure is the result of yet another teenage milestone. For nearly ten years, as well as the usual craft fair preparations, the last few weeks of October saw me fabricating Halloween costumes and scribbling down poems to be learned as the 'turn' when out guising ( I don't agree with the 'trick or treat' mentality, the boys have always had to do something to earn any goodies ) Last year they told me not to bother.

I'm not quite sure what triggered their decision to stop getting dressed up and going out. There could be any number of reasons. Peer pressure, adolescent self consciousness, an aversion to frost bite! All I do know is that, strangely, I miss it.

So, I hope you will indulge me as I take this trip down memory lane.
Don't you just love muslin? Stitched on to a t-shirt and trousers for ease of use.  
What can be achieved with a football, wellies and a tin of silver spray paint.

A ten tentacled, eight eyed, four footed, two headed alien. Halfway through the night it split in to two!(you just gotta love Velcro) 
Eyes that were open even when closed.

Scary, Hairy Beastie Monster and his friend Inside-out Man. 
Hmm, that looks tasty!

Death and a zombie

Don't worry, he's 'armless *groan* 
Death obviously didn't find that joke funny either.

The Headless Horseman. Yes, that is real hair on the paper mache head. It was the only way I could get him to agree to a haircut!

A liberal splash of luminous paint helped this ghost glow in the dark. And there's that muslin again.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde I presume. Hopefully that's the last time I'll ever have to make a top hat.
Three years ago it became apparent that we didn't have ceilings high enough to make treacle scones a challenge.
Well, not so much treacle (bleargh) as strawberry and toffee sauce

I hope they have good memories of their guising years, I know I do. Although I think I can honestly say I won't miss the dooking for apples!


Ali said...

What spooktastic creations Linnhe Mara. They are absolutely awesome - what creative ideas and so professionally done with fab props - real hair, luminous paint and football?!! Inside out man is an inspiration and the poly tentacled 2 headed alien!
No wonder you miss it..the imagination, preparation and execution must have been such a huge part of your autumnal activity. Your boys must have been the best dressed 'guisers' around, and I expect they'll remember their favourite costumes for years to come. Who knows you may get commissioned to do some adult sized ones at a later date!
I'm so glad you indulged in your trip down memory lane....
Ali xx

Anonymous said...

Fab Linnhe !!!
I only ever got to see the very last outfits in real life.
Inside out man has to be my favourite,
We'll not get buskers ever again, no one knows the house is here !! good job really , it means I won't have to eat all the left overs :o)

A Time for Stitching said...

I tried to choose a favourite costume but I couldn't because they're all fantastic. They must have taken ages to make and great inspiration to think up. I'm supposed to be dressing up this year but my heart is not in it (yet). OH however has taken to it in a big way after dressing up for our music festival last year for the first time!
Teresa x

Anonymous said...

Those costumes are utter genius Linnhe! How fantastic... Funnily enough I heard about the tradition of eating treacle scones on string at Halloween for the first time just the other day. My mother-in-law grew up in Glasgow and had fond memmories of it! We always had to try and bit apples on strings - not quite as tasty and extremely difficult to do..

jason @ gold work embroidery said...

Is it OK if I copy some of your ideas for my grandson this Halloween?

He's 2 and really looking forward to it! In fact, nearly as much as my 24 year old daughter.

Linnhe Mara said...

Hi Ali,
Thanks for indulging me. I'm hoping at some point in the future the boys will decide it's 'cool' to have a costume for Halloween. Of course by then I'll probably have gotten out of the habit and resent the imposition on my time.

That's what you think Alexis! I'm going to put a pumpkin at the end of your road with an arrow pointing to your house. If I have to eat all of the left overs so do you! :o)
Inside out man was great fun but I did find internal organs scattered around the house for quite a few weeks afterwards!

Thanks Teresa,
I'm afraid I can't take credit for all of the creativity. The boys themselves came up with some of the ideas, tempered somewhat by my limited ability! I'm sure you'll get in to the mood for dressing up nearer the time. Hope you enjoy yourself.

Hi Ali,
If you get the chance you should try the treacle ( or syrup) scone on a string. It's very messy but great fun, and the boys always seemed to enjoy it. And they can always wash the goo off when they dook for apples.

Hi Jason,
Thanks for dropping by. Of course you can copy the ideas, they are public domain now but thanks for asking. I'm glad they have given you inspiration. Hope your Grandson and Daughter have a good time.

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