Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Productive Procrastination

Diversion Tactics!

We all have them. Whenever there is a difficult or unpleasant task ahead of us, or a deadline to make, rest assured we can find a hundred and one far more 'important' things to occupy our time.

I have a four day event coming up at the end of the month and should have my nose so firmly set to the grindstone that it necessitates breathing through my ears. So why am I taking time out to rearrange bookshelves? Do the clothes in my cupboards really need to be colour blocked? Surely the bubble wrap doesn't need to be folded before its put in the storage box? And just how many cups of tea a day can one person drink? 

Yes, I've found every excuse I can not to get stuck behind my sewing machine. I even tidied my workroom *gasp*. It was in the midst of this delaying exercise that I came upon a box of Fimo I'd bought for no.1 son. He has always loved small models regardless of whether they are Lego, games workshop or kinder egg! His aunt bought him some wonderful fimo creatures from an artisan on etsy and earlier this year he thought he would try his hand at creating some himself. After an initial burst of enthusiasm the inevitable happened......he got distracted. 

The box languished in the kitchen for 6 weeks before I asked him to put it with all of their other craft paraphernalia in my workroom. It was dumped in a pile in the corner, waiting for me to tidy it away properly. 

Well, before it could be put away in the appropriate place I had to have a look inside the box didn't I? And since the lid was now open there wouldn't be any harm in taking out a few blocks and moulding them a bit. Would there? Now I know how Pandora felt!

And that's exactly how 3 hours of my life disappeared, never to be seen again! Instead I now have a wee gang of McWhackles and no idea what to do with them. Oh, and the sewing machine still hasn't been used.


A Time for Stitching said...

I can't believe how cute and tiny they are!! Did they just come out of your imagination?
I think procrastination is the main reason I don't get on with alot of my sewing.
Teresa x

Eryl said...

They're so adorable! My suggestion for something to do with them is make a short, stop-motion film. You'll have to write a script, of course, but think what fun you'll have.

I'm beginning to think this is procrastination season, everyone I know seems to be suffering.

Ali said...

OOh 'Hello' to the McWhackles! They are just perfect for a book, comic strip, stop motion film...with names quirks and personalities! Hours and hours more of productive procrastination!
My son was looking over my shoulder during a break from painting his warhammer 40k and thought they looked like Flanimals...look how famous they became!
Hope to see the Mishaps of the McWhackles on You tube soon!
Ali x

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