Thursday, 21 July 2011

R and R

Phew! Just back from holiday and I feel the need for a break!

There is no such thing as rest and relaxation on our family holidays. They have been likened on more than one occasion to a military operation. The comparison is made tongue in cheek I hasten to add ( at least I think it is :o/ ). 
I don't have a clip board full of checklists, schedules and logistical schematics or anything like that. I do however consult guide books and maps, looking for suitable activities. If I didn't we would end up doing all of the same things we do at home, just in different surroundings.  

This year we decided to stay in the U.K.( unpredictable ash clouds and an unstable euro were just too much added holiday stress for me to handle ) and our friend and his boys joined us. Cornwall was our destination, and did I have my work cut out for me trying to decide on the venues most likely to cater to every ones taste. There was so much choice. I'm not going to bore you by regaling you with our itinerary, even if we had one - which we didn't ! 

Suffice it to say as long as we did something cultural.....

My favourite trip was to the Minak Theatre. What a backdrop! They were rehearsing for a production of Hamlet when we were there. The adults would have loved to have stayed but unfortunately for us the performance was sold out. Besides, the boys have yet to discover the joys of Shakespeare :o) 

Seats at the Minak

......followed by a trip to the beach.......
After I made the comment that the boys looked like Selkies in their wet suits they decided to do a quick impression of seals making their way on to the beach. I was shaking so much with laughter this was the only reasonable shot I ended up with!

.......every one seemed happy. 
What made it even better was there wasn't a midge in sight to chase us indoors by 6 o'clock. Nothing says holiday quite so much as sharing a drink outside as you watch the sun go down. 

The evening tide going out

We managed to cram quite a lot in to our week away. And after all that time ruminating over books and brochures what are my two most likely to remember from their holiday? The scones and clotted cream that were waiting for us at the cottage on our arrival, and saving a small mouse from falling down a drain at Trelissik Gardens.

 What's that they say about the best laid plans of mice........


Starfish Studio said...

Looks lovely :)

We keep talking about going to Cornwall for a holiday, but the thought of the loooong drive puts us off. Looks like it may be worth the effort though!

Kate x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures. You have me thinking about scones now! Glad you had a good break. And no worries about not doing my latest Scrap Swap - I wont be offended ;-)

Linnhe Mara said...

Hi Kate,

The journey was a bit of a worry, and we had to travel about 2 hours less than it would take you, but we did it overnight and it seemed to work out okay. It really is worth the effort.

Hi Ali,

I think the clotted cream was the pull rather than the scones :o) Good luck with your swap and I hope you are feeling a bit better.

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