Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Back in the driving seat.

I've been trying to motivate myself these past few weeks and get back in to a making frame of mind. Working in the charity shop has given me access to some fabulous fabric finds, and while I can picture them as any number of new handbags or home accessories I can't quite dredge up any enthusiasm to sit behind my sewing machine and get creating. 
After arranging and rearranging my workspace for the umpteenth time, hoping that re-acquainting myself with all of my bits and bobs would help, I finally had to admit that I needed to find another way of spurring myself in to action.

Fortunately salvation was close at hand. During the reshuffling I had moved some boxes that contained unfinished projects. I hope I'm not alone in the habit of starting one thing then getting sidetracked on to something else. It's not a case of getting bored, just that the next project becomes so compelling that I have to stop what I'm doing and focus entirely on it.
Last year I had cut out some pieces of felt to be made in to key rings. I sold a few of the finished items at craft fairs but they were quite time consuming, being all hand sewn, so I decided to take them off my product list. Since my bags were my main focus I put the remaining pieces to one side with the intention of getting back to them at a later date.

Today proved to be that later date. 

Sequin headlights......

....and button wheels...

...a car key ring for car keys.

I enjoyed making this so much that I think I spent the entire time sewing with a smile on my face. I doubt very much I will ever sell them again but as my needle went in and out, in and out I could feel the joy of making, just for the fun of it, returning. 

So if you find yourself in a rut, or facing a bit of a road block, try going back to something familiar. Put yourself back in the driving seat and revisit a route you've taken before. You might be surprised at just where it may take you.


gtlady said...

I absolutely LOVE that little car! It's perfect! And I love the little details, sequin lights, button wheels, fab, fab x

Ali said...

OOh you are so right Linnhe Mara....sometimes it is tricky to get back on the bike....but once you do - you can still ride it!!
You are not alone....there's a few of us in blogland who have had similar motivational blockages ...but yours is really good advice on how to get moving again...its tempting to try something completely new..but perhaps too daunting (like minds - from your comment on my recent post!!)...so something friendly and familiar is a great idea.
Love the car - I can see why you like creating it so much...and can appreciate all the energy that goes into the finished vehicle!!
Keep on trucking!!
Ali x

Colette said...

Oh I love that car!! So cute.
Yes I'm afraid I am guilty of lots of unfinished projects too, not sure I'll ever even find them all now!

Linnhe Mara said...

Jane, glad you liked the car.
Ali,Colette, so good to hear I'm not the only one that suffers from lack of motivation and unfinished projects.

Thanks for dropping by

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