Wednesday, 2 March 2011


I've been battling a lurghi for the last couple of weeks. What started as a simple cold developed into sinusitis, that wonderful ailment that leaves you convinced your brain is being forced out through your eye sockets. 
This led to a persistent cough that's seen me banished to the spare room in an effort to ensure that at least one adult in the household gets a decent nights sleep.

From that you can assume I've not been at my most productive!

Quite frustrating really, especially since I participated in Very Berry's fabric swap last month, my first ever. I managed to get a parcel sent to my swap recipient Hooked Yarn and I received this wonderful bundle from Hazel and Blue last week. 

It made me think of spring when I opened it, all those fresh colours in soft tones. Some designs traditional, others quite funky.

I've been desperate to get started on something with these fabulous goodies, but it's difficult to cut in a straight line while coughing up a lung! So I'm just going to have to be patient and hope the syrup starts working (although now I'm not sure exactly what 'for coughs' means!)


Becky (Hazel and Blue) said...

Hello! Sorry you are feeling poorly, I hope you feel better soon. Wow, thank you for showing the veryberry parcel swap! I am still awaiting mine:) I keep waiting in anticipation for the postie to bring it!
B x

gtlady said...

What a fabulous parcel, I love those spotty ones, can't wait to see what you do with them!
I too am itching to do patching with my wonderful fabrics (thanks again), I've had this idea trawling round my brain for a while, sort of bargelo style piecing. The only problem is i'm not the most accurate of people (crochet is much more forgiving!) so I'm trying to clear away a few things before I attempt it.

Hope your lungs are feeling less 'bruised' soon, take care

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous parcel - I love that Amy Butler spotty number on the top! I hope you enjoy using all the goodies. And I really hope that you are well on the way to recovery now... xxx

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