Monday, 21 March 2011

New Season's Aims

Spring has most definitely sprung. Plants are beginning to show signs of struggling in to this years finery. Birds are in full voice, even if they could do with a little help from a choirmaster, and after a week of work the pond is quivering with frogspawn. 

So, true to my word of earlier this year it is time to set about accomplishing some new season's aims. To ease me out of hibernation the first thing I've done is volunteer at one of the local charity shops. It will be strange to be back working in a shop environment after so long but I'm really looking forward to it. 

Next step was to get making again. I've already spent more time in my workroom in the last week than I have in the previous 3 months. Yes, that may have something to do with the fact that I no longer risk breaking a leg or getting soaked to the bone on my way to it, but it's mainly because I'm eager to get started on some new projects (the 'pink' bag being one of them). I bought some fabulous new fabrics at Hobbycraft (S.E.C.C.) a few weeks ago and I'm keen to see what I can do with them.

Another aim was to set up my Folksy shop, ( actually that was one of last years aims that wasn't quite met, but better late than never eh?) It took a bit longer than I was expecting since I'm not what you would say 'a natural' at all things computer related. This is a sample of what I have listed at the moment. I'll be listing more when I have the time,... and patience! ( I'm assured I'll get quicker, because getting any slower would be against the laws of physics)

But my main aim this year is to do what I enjoy. When I decided, 2 years ago, to increase the number of craft fairs I was doing I had no idea that I would get to the point of finding 'making' a chore. Everything fell by the wayside in the need to produce something new for each fair I attended, and it wasn't always something that I enjoyed making. I stopped painting, since I wasn't likely to be taking art to the fairs, and I stopped designing because I didn't have the time to waste on R&D.

Looking out at the garden these last few days brought it home to me just how much I had also neglected it. Now, I like a little wilderness as much as the next person, but when that wilderness is tending towards jungle you know you have to call a halt. I made excuses about how tidy gardens were the cause of a decline in our natural wildlife and I was doing my bit provide shelter. Pah! More like I was too busy with my crafting 'chores' to find time for any others.

So with that in mind I've decided to limit the number of craft fairs I'll be participating in this year, probably the decision that prompted my Folksy shop opening. I also think it's one of the main reasons I'm now back in my workroom, and loving it.

Of course, just because I'm calling them new season's aims doesn't mean they won't go the same way as their January counterparts!


gtlady said...

I volunteer with age concern and I absolutely love it, I'm in my forth year now, I did it when we moved here as a way to get out of the house and meet people while fitting it in with kids, also it's something to put on your c.v if I ever get paid employment though!! Anyway, have you heard of Kazi, oh I've forgotton the name now, anyway, its a type of Japanese fabric folding, I thought of it before for your bag maybe, hope fully the link will work...
if not let me know!

gtlady said...

I meant to say, LOVE those rings and the photography, really great!

carole said...

It's difficult isn't it trying to fit everything in and sometimes you just have to take a step back and review what is important and what isn't.

I love your blog by the way and look forward to popping by again.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving being in my new garden too Linnhe , making is taking a back seat ,I know our first fair is just a month away !! but the workroom is still under construction. I like what you've written by the way x

Linnhe Mara said...

many thanks for the link. I've actually been experimenting with Kanzashi for a few months now ( made my Valentine pendant that way) Anyway, I was going to give it a go for the bag as you suggested but couldn't find a fabric I liked as much as the yarn, so I ditched both ideas and went with leather instead : )

Thanks for popping by, glad you like the blog. These awards are a great way of finding blogs you haven't come across before aren't they?

As we all seem to have realised, it's time to focus on whats most important at any given time. After a few aching backs, callouses from digging and scratches from unruly brambles you'll be glad to get back to crafting for a while. Until then enjoy discovering the delights of your new garden

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