Friday, 5 November 2010

A moment

There are times when life gets hacked off about being taken for granted. It needs to give us a reminder about just how precious it is, that it's about living, not just existing, enjoying not enduring.

Sometimes the reminder is a gentle nudge, a tap on the shoulder and a discreet cough. At other times its a punch square in the solar plexus that sends you heading for the deck, and while you are lying there, gasping for breath, taking a moment to regain your composure, it delivers a kick to your head, just to make sure you are paying attention and get the point it's trying to make. 

So, there you are, dizzy, disorientated and in pain. But hovering in the background, waiting for your focus to return, is a renewed understanding, an appreciation of what you have and the desire to make the most of it. 

Great gestures of gratitude are not required, no daring deeds or record breaking feats. Just a nod of acknowledgement, a breath, a smile, a moment, a small indication that we have received the message loud and clear.

I think this song, in particular this version by Hothouse Flowers,  says it all.

1 comment:

Eryl said...

So, like Nietzsche, you're a Dionysian. Me too, snap!

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