Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Post Wedding Holiday Holiday

Eek! Where did the last three weeks get to? We arrived back from our holiday, which included the wedding, on the 19th and I had every intention of taking the time the following week to let you know how the ' killer heels ' had performed. But it would seem I needed a holiday to recover from our holiday ( does this happen to anyone else? ) and it's taken me longer than expected to get back in to the swing of things. Still, better late than never eh? 

The wedding was wonderful, a truly joyous event. The bride was radiant, the groom jubilant ( or was it the other way around?), and I swear it was almost possible to eat the accumulated joie de vivre with a spoon. I think I may just have enjoyed it a smidgen more than my own.

Living so far from home it must have been hard for my sister-in-law, planning the event without the usual input and support from family. Then again she's a bit of an organisational genius so it was no surprise the day went so well. However I'd love to know just who she spoke to in order to arrange the appearance of this particular phenomenon after the ceremony. Clever girl!

I was asked for a little help a few months before the big day. She was in need of two ring bearer pillows and hadn't seen any she liked. Initially the design was going to be a bit fun and quirky, much like her, but then I was sent a sneak preview of the dress and decided to go for something a bit more elegant. You can see why!

It was doubtful that my limited beading skills could match such stunning embellishment but I thought I could simplify it slightly. I focused on the shoulder detail of overlapping leaves and the simplicity of the front of the dress.  

A brief forage in the garden provided me with birch leaf templates to work from. Yes, yes, I know, I could have found any number of templates online but I was feeling a little bit sentimental. My Sister-in-law used to live in our house, many of the birch trees in the garden grew up with her, and I wanted a little bit of home to be with her on her day. Okay, so it's a tad lame, what can I say? Everyone gets to be as gooey as a toasted marshmallow sometimes.
Anyway, here's what I came up with and fortunately it did the trick. 

And as for those shoes of mine?  Well, I didn't fall over, not once, not even when clambering up a gangplank ( long story that doesn't involve handsome pirates so not really worth the telling) which I feel is always a good thing to be able to say of any days events ( the not falling over bit, not the lack of handsome pirates).

Now you may have guessed that I'm not keen on posting recognisable photographs on the web thingy but since I've been asked so nicely for a view of the dress here it is. 

So the fabulous footwear behaved itself and I managed 8hrs before I finally succumbed to the fanciful flatties I'd taken with me just in case.

I shouldn't have worried though, not when there were three generations of handsome men on hand to lend a supporting arm if required. Who needs pirates :o)


Colette said...

Oh you look fabulous, well done for going 8 hours in those shoes - yikes!
Beautiful ring pillows, they fit in perfectly!

Hope you're feeling rested now. x

Ali said...

OOOh what a fab post ... all the better for the post holiday holiday wait...(and yes - I always need a holiday after one!)
The ring pillows are great - such a lovely idea to use the familiar real birch templates and they complement the beautiful brides dress so well.
Talking of dresses - what a colourful stunner you are elegantly wearing! Congratulations on 8 hours of stylish strolling in your dinner shoes really do look amazing! Your menfolk look pretty cool too!
It sounds like an unforgettable family celebration and what a perfect celestial accessory!
Ali x

Flaming Nora said...

The pillow is beautiful. Really really beautiful.

Linnhe Mara said...

Thanks Colette, and yes I am rested now. Odd how a holiday often leaves you more tired than you were when you went on it.

Glad you like the dress Ali. A bit of a departure for me actually, so much colour, but figured what the heck! My men do look pretty fab don't they. The boys were meant to be in kilts too but there was a major problem with the ones we had made so they had to make do with trousers. Oddly enough they didn't seem to mind....

Thanks so much Jane, that really means a lot.

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